14 - 17 Mar 2016
MAA named after K.A. Timiryazev, Москва, Россия

69th International Students' Research and Practice Conference of RT SAU

69th International Students' Research and Practice Conference of RT SAU, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the first director of the Academy N.I. Zheleznov


Rector's Council and Students' Scientific Society of RT SAU announce 69th International Students' Research and Practice Conference, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the first director of the Academy N.I. Zheleznov,

14-17 March 2016

The conference will run the following sessions:

Faculty of Agronomy and Biotechnology – Biotechnology and Molecular Biology; Reproduction of Soil Fertility in Adaptive Arable Farming; Genetics and Plant Breeding; Hydrometeorology; Plant Protection; Crop Production and Grassland Management; Technologies and Machinery in Crop Production; Plant Physiology.

Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture – Botany; Ornamental Gardening and Lawn Management; Landscape Architecture; Horticulture; Pomiculture, Viticulture and Winemaking; Orchard Crops Breeding and Seed Production.

Faculty of Soil Science, Agricultural Chemistry and EcologyAgrochemistry, Biochemistry and Life Safety; Agroecology and Chemical Bases of Agricultural Products' Quality; Forestry; Land Reclamation and Rational Land Management; Microbiology and Immunology; Soil Science, Geology and Landscape Science; Ecology and Nature Management.

Faculty of Animal Science and BiologyActual Problems of Veterinary Medicine and Livestock Products' Safety; Biological Bases of Animal Husbandry; Biology; Cynology and Felinology; Horse Breeding; Livestock Feeding; Mechanization and Automation of Animal Husbandry; Apiculture and Pisciculture; Special Animal Science.

Faculty of Technology – Food Products' Import Substitution as a Food Safety Factor of Russia; Current Technologies of Storage and Processing of Fruits and Vegetables; Technologies of Storage and Processing of Animal Products; Storage, Processing and Commodity Research of Plant Products.

Faculty of EconomicsAgrarian Economics; Actual Problems of Marketing; View of Schoolchildren to Problems of the Modern Economics; Innovative Aspects of Water Industry and Nature Management; Information and Consulting Activity in Agricultural Sector; History of Economics and Economic Concepts; Management and Marketing of Engineering Systems; Micro- and Macroeconomic Problems of Current Economics; World Agrarian Economics; Applied Marketing Researches; Development of Agrarian Economics under Present-Day Conditions; System Analysis and Process Modeling in Agricultural Sector; Current Problems and Perspectives of Environment Economics and Water Consumption Development; Russian and World Socio-Economic Geography; Strategic Planning; Theoretical Bases of Economic Policy; Management in Agricultural Sector; Project Management and Investment Assessment.

Faculty of Economics and FinanceActual Problems of Accounting in Agriculture; Actual Problems of Tax Planning and Administration; Use of Information Systems in Solving Economic Problems of Agricultural Sector (Theory and Practice); Taxes and Taxation Legal Regulation; Application of Tools for Business Modeling and Information Technologies in Agricultural Sector; Problems of Analysis and Audit under Present-Day Economic Conditions; Problems and Development Prospects of Financial and Credit Mechanism in Global Economy; Russian Agricultural Development under Globalization Conditions; Development of Accounting in Russia on basis of IFRS; Current Finance Management in Russian Agricultural Sector; Statistics and Econometrics; Statistical Business Analytics (Master students); Theory of Accounting, Finance and Taxation; Cyberspace (Technologies, Systems, Methods, Resources, Software) of Natural-Economic Systems and Agrarian Education; Economic Security.

Faculty of Humanities and EducationActual Issues of History; Actual Issues of Politology; Actual Issues of Law; Actual Problems of Philosophy; Actual Areas of Physical Training and Sport in Students' Environment; Actual Problems of Advertising, PR and Journalism; English (General); English in Scientific Research Activities; English (Professional Communications); Linguistic Country Studies; German; Pedagogy and Psychology; Improvement of Public and Municipal Management; State and Perspectives of Agricultural Tourism Development in Russian Federation; French.

Military Session

Goryachkin Institute of Mechanics and Energetics

Faculty of Energy – Automatization of Technological Processes; New Technologies and Equipment in Systems of Enterprises Power Supply; New Technologies and Equipment in the Electric Drive and Electrotechnology; Current Technologies and Equipment in Heating Engineering, Hydraulics and Enterprises Power Supply.

Faculty “Processes and Machinery in Agribusiness” – Automobile Transport; Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management; Job Safety; Agricultural Machinery; Tractors and Automobiles; Exploitation of Machinery and Tractor Park and High Tech in Crop Production.

Faculty “Technical Service in Agricultural Sector” – Engineering Graphics; Material Science and Machine Building Technologies; Strength of Materials and Machine Parts; Technical Service of Machinery and Equipment.

Kostyakov Institute of Environment Engineering

Faculty of Environment Engineering and Water Consumption – Land Reclamation and Complex Territory Engineering; Technology of Environment Engineering Objects Building; Water Resources Management.

Faculty of Hydrotechnical, Agro-Industrial and Civil Building – Agro-Industrial and Civil Building; Nature Conservation Hydrotechnical Structures; Immobility Examination and Management.

Faculty of Technosphere Safety, Ecology and Environment Engineering – Actual Problems of Ecology and Environment Engineering, Specificity of Present-Day World; Technology and Mechanization Facilities of Environment Engineering and Protection in Emergency Situations.


All the abstracts accepted for oral or poster presentation will be available on the conference website. The works awarded the 1st degree diplomas will be published in the collection of the students’ articles.

During the Conference it is planned to hold the round table “Student Science in agrarian high schools: problems and solutions”.


Conditions of participation:

Students in their specialist's, BSc's or MSc's studies are welcome for participation (not PhD students). Registration and abstract submission starts on January 11th, 2016 at the Conference website http://timsno.ru. Deadline for registration and abstract submission is February 15th, 2016.

Application form and the guidelines for abstracts are available at the same webpage.


Accommodation: hotel (from 650 rubles/day).

Accommodation and food are at the expense of the participant.


Address of RT SAU: 127550, Moscow, Timiryazevskaya St., 49

How to get there:

The transport stop “Timiryazevskaya Academy” can be reached from the metro stations Voikovskaya and Dmitrovskaya by tram 27; buses 72 and 87 from the metro station Savelovskaya, and bus 22 from the metro station Dinamo.



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international@timacad.ru (International Relations Office)

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Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy

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+7 (499) 9764100, +7 (499) 9764398, or +7 (499) 9762473 (International Relations Office)



international@timacad.ru (International Relations Office)

sno.timacad@gmail.com (Students’ Scientific Society)


  • Invitation Letter 69MSNK

    Invitation Letter of the 69th International Students' Research and Practice Conference of RT SAU, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the first director of the Academy N.I. Zheleznov